Dear Community Members

We have just been informed that the DeCus team has decided to cancel their IDO activities for the time being due to the sudden emergence of new potential regulatory risks for the team in their jurisdiction.

The New Ventures team was very shocked to learn of this news and we…

Decus Project Overview:

The first IDO to be conducted on the New Ventures launch platform will be DeCus is a fully decentralized cross-chain custody protocol that bring BTC into the DeFi space with BTC always pegged 1:1 for DeCus’ eBTC, but with extremely low collateralization rates of 30%-50%, possibly…

Newv Finance will be reborn with a new name, New Ventures, to better suit our vision and mission going forward because we believe that the crypto space is brimming with new and creative ventures that are waiting for us all. To that end, we will be a full-service platform, providing…

LAST UPDATED: [18.04.21]

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the use of the New Ventures Application (defined below) and website and the Services (defined below). These Terms also include New Ventures’s privacy policy and disclaimers made available or issued by New Ventures from time to time.

These Terms constitute a…

Dear Newv Finance Community Members,

The current APY demonstrated on Farming and Boardroom is lower than the actual APY and will be updated soon.

For Boardroom, please see the following instructions:

For Farming, please see the following instructions:

Please note that the description of Farming in the Whitepaper…

Dear V1 Investors,

To better assist you in claiming your NEWW token that has been migrated from HECO. We have prepared the instructions so that you can simply follow the instructions to claim your token.

Step 1:

Export your private key for the address that has recorded from Heco Chain.

Step 2:

Import your private key to Binance Smart Chain.

Step 3:

Click the Switch to V1 via

Step 4:

Click Claim once to reveal the timer.

In order to foster a more vibrant community, Newv Finance will be conducting a campaign aimed at encouraging users to share their experience of Farming with Newv.Finance.

All you need to do to participate is to take one screenshot of you harvesting and showing the profits and APY you earned…

Dear Newv Finance Users,

Please note that we will be supporting farming pools for WBNB pool and BUSD, rather than BNB and BUSD.

If you have BNB and would like to swap it for WBNB, you can simply exchange your BNB at via the upper right-hand corner of each pool board.

Newv Finance Team

Mar 31 2021


New Ventures (— The startup accelerator on BSC

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