APY Statistic & Farming Instructions Update

1 min readApr 2, 2021


Dear Newv Finance Community Members,

The current APY demonstrated on Farming and Boardroom is lower than the actual APY and will be updated soon.

For Boardroom, please see the following instructions: https://newvfinance.medium.com/instructions-for-boardroom-b723622b1a33

For Farming, please see the following instructions:


Please note that the description of Farming in the Whitepaper is correct. If there is no farming outcome (NEWW), no BUSD/WBNB will be charged. However, NEWW will be recorded to be distributed every 3 seconds (The block interval of BSC), which means that there is not much time within which to unstake after harvesting to avoid being charged.

We noticed that it is sometimes the design of having people click Harvest and then Unstake when trying to exit that has caused difficulties for some users. So, we have redesigned the process so that clicking Harvest results in a 5% charge on the principle. Clicking Unstake will burn all harvestable NEWW, though no tax will be applied to the principle.

Newv Finance Team

2nd April 2021




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