NEWCrowdsale Announcement:

After 10 days of preparation, the Newv Finance Team can now announce that the Crowdsale will begin at 10:00 am UTC on Mar. 28, 2021. Several of the core functions, such as farming, invitation, and LP funding injection, are currently being further optimized. As stated in our Whitepaper, the Newv Finance Team will call the contract to stake the liquidity and release the NEWW tokens, and this will happen shortly after the Crowdsale.

The only way to participate in the Crowdsale is with BNB and through the official Newv Finance website:

Please do not transfer your assets directly to our smart contract address. We will not be responsible for any losses caused by such an error.

Newv Finance Team

24th March 2021




New Ventures (— The startup accelerator on BSC

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New Ventures (— The startup accelerator on BSC

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