Crowdsale & Launch Announcement

NewV Finance has successfully completed its Crowdsale of $NEWW on Mar 28, with Hardcap reached within only 4 and a half hours. Congratulations on making one of the best investments in 2021!

we would first like to assure you that your funds are safe. It’s locked by our smart contract: 0x90eFdDFedf7c3B3C6E3932c5653476334f7638b6. As promised, the Newv Finance team will call the contract to stake 50% of BNB raised in the Crowdsale on Pancake Swap. This will be done early this week once the smart contracts for the farming function and boardroom function have been fully audited. Your NEWW will then be released at a rate of 2% each hour for the remaining amount. You need to claim your NEWW via Once NEWW has been released to you, you can withdraw them at your own pace or you can claim all of your NEWW tokens at once if you have not done any withdrawals for 50 hours.

Total Supply: 12,245,487.3 = V2 (11,525,182.5) + V1 (720,304.7975)

DAO portion (30%): 3,457,554.75

Crowdsale (40%): 4,610,073

Pancake Liquidity (14%): 1,613,525

Team (10%, released 0.1%/day): 152,518.25

As the Hardcap is reached, the initial APY is expected to be 21,024%, 42,048%, 147,168% for 3 days, 7 days and 14 days lock-up, respectively. For the farm pool, the initial APY for both the BUSD pool and BNB pool will be 52,560%. Though, as we all know, APY changes as the size of the LP changes; so this should only be taken as a reference. You may, of course, choose the strategy that suits you best, whether being a liquidity provider or harvesting from the Farm pool.

NewV Finance is an ILO/IDO accelerator on BSC that provides end-to-end functionality using smart contracts for projects es smart contracts to prevent rug pulls and allow projects to focus on developing their projects successfully without having to fret about token price in the early stages.

NewV Finance will also be accepting applications from promising projects that are interested in undergoing the vetting process to launch on the Newv platform

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28th March 2021




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