Dear New Ventures Community,

2 min readApr 23, 2021


We have just been informed that the DeCus team has decided to cancel their IDO activities for the time being due to the sudden emergence of new potential regulatory risks for the team in their jurisdiction.

The New Ventures team was very shocked to learn of this news and we attempted to find a workable solution with them but the DeCus team decided that the regulatory risks were simply too great at this time for the project to conduct an IDO and that an IDO would need to be re-evaluated in the future. Unfortunately, things change very rapidly in the decentralized world, and some things are simply out of our control and we simply need to roll with the punches.

In the meantime, New Ventures still has several excellent projects in the pipeline ready to IDO that will definitely make the New Ventures community extremely happy: UniWrap, an amazing cutting-edge project that combines NFTs + DeFi to create unique wrapped assets; and several other great projects that will be announced soon. At the same time, we will be working with Mr.Block to deliver more promising projects to our users. Follow our announcement (@newvfinance or Twitter @NewvFI) to be the first to know.

We will always do our best to be as transparent with our community as possible and inform you of information as soon as we learn it. We believe that the problem with the DeCus IDO will be sorted out by the DeCus team in due course. In the meantime, the New Ventures community will still have a slate of amazing projects to choose from. Stay with New Ventures as we create new amazing ventures together!

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