Interface for PancakeSwap V1

1 min readApr 23, 2021


Dear Community Members

Pancake Swap is currently undergoing an upgrade. Since our Boardroom was built on V1 and the liquidity is locked, which makes us unable to migrate to the V2. The tokenomics of NEWW token determines that migrating to V2 has no practical meaning and will only increase the burden on users. It also requires a series of changes to our Boardroom and Farming pool, which is not necessary.

Since the smart contract of V1 is still up and running and cannot be modified, we have developed the customized interface for users to add liquidity, remove liquidity and trade on Pancake V1. Please access via:

Although something unexpected happened today, we are thriving to get over it. We all believe that New Ventures is unique and will stand out from other Launchpad projects. We are always here for our beloved community members and your patience is valued. For the upcoming IDO projects, we decided not to over-promote them as it may cause excessive market sentiment. Next, we will cooperate with UniWrap, an amazing cutting-edge project that combines NFTs + DeFi to create unique wrapped assets. More information will be announced promptly.

Thank you for all your support,

New Ventures Team







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