Newv Finance 2.0 Migrating Plan

Our team and our users have clearly understood the pros and cons of Newv Finance in the last few days. Fortunately, we still have the opportunity to bring a better future to our users. Therefore, we decided to announce our migration plan that will satisfy all Newv Finance users.

This time, HECO’s Newv Finance is not very ideal overall. However, most of the people who participated in the pre-sale are slightly profitable, which is very important to us. We are surprised that the Chinese community has affirmed us. There is a saying in our country: When history allows you to exist, you may become a part of history. This is what we want.

This time we saw many problems.

1. The market reacts strongly, but the new users are not widespread.

2. The proportion of team LP has a downward trend so that the liquidity provider’s dividend is linearly decreasing.

3. The token release mechanism is not reasonable enough.

4. The interface guidance is not friendly enough.

In just 3 days, the problem is everywhere, but this is just the beginning, and we are really grateful. It was so difficult that we had to decide to suspend the operation of Newv Finance 1.0 and launch Newv Finance 2.0 next week. Newv Finance 2.0 will have more advanced mechanisms, such as a new mining pool, a strong deflation mechanism. More importantly, Newv Finance 2.0 will be migrated to the Binance Smart Chain. All investors will get the protection they deserve. Our specific measures are as follows:

1. We will take a snapshot of the token holder list at 16:00 UTC on March 14th. Please note that it is the token holder list, which means you have a few hours to release LP or buy NEWV from the market.

2. Except for the NEWV held by the user, the NEWV tokens belong to the Newv Finance Team and DAO will be destroyed.

3. We will withdraw TEAM’s LP and allocate 2/3 of HT to the list of token holders at the time of the snapshot

4. We will compensate NEWV holders with NEWV 2.0 at the rate of 1:1.1 (To be issued after the pre-sale)

The above is our Newv Finance 1.0 wrapup plan

We will announce the progress of Newv Finance 2.0 daily next week. There is no doubt that Newv Finance 2.0 will have a wider range of users, and we will also conduct a new pre-sale to expand the scale of the dividend pool.

In Newv Finance 2.0 you will see

1. New mining mechanism.

2. New deflationary mechanism.

3. Diverse ways to participate.

4. Cooperation and interaction of external projects.

5. A steady stream of dividend pool sources (you will be full of praise at that time)

6. More exposures through press release platforms and social media.

7. Multilingual interface and white paper

8. The presale price of the NEWV 2.0 token will be higher than 0.2 USDT.

This is not a farewell, but an opportunity to be stronger.

Snapshot time: 16:00 UTC on March 14th (24:00 on March 14th Hong Kong Time)

Hi Newv Finance 2.0!

Newv Finance Team

14th March



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