Newv Finance IDO Overview

2 min readApr 3, 2021

How Users Qualify for Access to the Upcoming IDO Project 1 (Meta***)

You must fulfil the following conditions:

  • You need to hold at least 1,000 NEWW tokens in your wallet at the time that the whitelist opens.
  • You need to follow the Newv Finance Twitter Account
  • You need to join the Newv Finance Telegram Group
  • You need to retweet and like the post: Link to be provided once the IDO project has finished testing.
  • Fill out the form: Form to be provided once the IDO project has finished testing.

The IDO will only be accessible to those who meet the requirements for each tier as follows:


Tier 1: $100 USD (Max 400 Slots) (Only applies to Project One)

Tier 2: $400 USD — 15% Extra Token (Max 100 Slots)

Tier 3: $1,000 USD — 30% Extra Token (Max 40 Slots)

The requirement for each tier:

Tier 1: Crowdsale Participants

Tier 2: Staked over 50 NEWW-BNB LP tokens to x7 Pool via

Tier 3: Stake at least 100,000 NEWW to Newv Finance’s IDO Smart contract for 1 month. (Smart contract address will be announced.)

(To be qualified for Tier 2 & 3, you don’t need to be the Crowdsale participant.)

Please note that if you meet the condition for more than one tier, the IDO Quota will not be added up together.

(For Example, If you meet the Tier 3 and 2 conditions at the same time, if the Tier 3 quota is full and the Tier 2 quota is not full, you can qualify under the Tier 2 IDO quota and discount.)

Please follow & for the update.

Newv Finance Team

April 3 2021