Reborn as New Ventures—

Newv Finance will be reborn with a new name, New Ventures, to better suit our vision and mission going forward because we believe that the crypto space is brimming with new and creative ventures that are waiting for us all. To that end, we will be a full-service platform, providing technical resources, seed funding, an IDO platform, and more — all with the aim of providing full support and resources to projects that we work with to create an exciting crypto future together. To put it simply, we don’t just help launch projects, we provide a full suite of services to create an end-to-end ecosystem.

Of course, a new name and new vision require a new website,, through our legacy site will remain operational for a while to redirect users to the new website. You will find that there have been many upgrades and improvements in the layout of the new website, with the whole experience hopefully much more user-friendly than before.

The IDO section of the website is still being finalized but will be in place before the start of our first IDO with Decus is a quality project with a great future and will surely be a rising star in the crypto world, as well as being a hot IDO for the New Ventures platform. Full details on this IDO will be announced within the next 24–48 hours. Be watching for it!

Tokenomics Update

We have added a new contract for staking tokens for IDOs. All users will need to stake their NEWW tokens there in order to secure their investment allocation for IDOs, with user allocations to be recalculated separately for each IDO. Please note that penalties will be applied for early unstaking, with penalty tokens deducted being distributed among all members of that pool. More details on this process will be released at the same time as the Decus IDO details.

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April 19 2021




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New Ventures (— The startup accelerator on BSC

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New Ventures (— The startup accelerator on BSC

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