Token Destroy Announcement

Dear Community members,

Our team, especially our DEV team members, feel guilty about some of the minor display mistakes (Timer)that shouldn’t have been made during the presale stage and the token release stage. It’s unforgivable and we feel very sorry about it. To reimburse such mistakes we have made, we decide to burn 10% of the NEWV tokens that belong to the Newv Finance Team. As such, our team will not receive any NEWV token in two weeks.

The TXID can be accessed via:

Newv Finance Team intends to eliminate the rug pull on the decentralized world. We look forward to working with our community members to build a prosperous future.

Best Regards,


Newv Finance




New Ventures (— The startup accelerator on BSC

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New Ventures (— The startup accelerator on BSC

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